jQuery – Find event handlers for a DOM element

As a JavaScript developer, you will eventually find yourself debugging code someone else wrote.  Unit tests only cover so much and most tests are written in an isolated environment.  The truth in JS is when an application is running. When using third-party libraries and code you haven’t written (legacy code), it is useful to be… Read more


The Cure For Impostor Syndrome

Software developers often complain about feelings of inadequacy when faced with the monumental tasks of being proficient while keeping up with technology trends. This feeling is not uncommon, but it’s enough to cause issues like unnecessary stress, burnout, and whole lot more. No need to feel inferior, Charles Bukowski has a cure for impostor syndrome.

Angular IP Address Finder

Hey everybody, check out my Angular IP Address Finder app! This app is fairly rough right now, but it still lets you look up IP addresses (along with a world map and WHOIS information) Check out my AngularJS IP Address Finder app here!


jQuery Dropdown Login Menu with One-Shot Collapse

One-shot event handlers are a very useful tool to have in your Javascript/jQuery toolbelt. In this post, we will see how to effectively add a bit of UI interactivity into our pages and applications using one-Shot event handlers to create a jQuery dropdown login menu.   Program Flow:   Anonymously invoke a Menu constructor function… Read more


AngularJS Date Filtering

Angular has quickly become my favorite Javascript framework. With built-in support for common tasks like interacting with a REST API, 2-way data-binding, and view management, Angular comes with “batteries included”. Every server-side dev that I know has been amazed what they can get done in the finicky world of Javascript and the HTML DOM. Filtering… Read more


DigitalOcean – There are some sharks out there!

I recently was setting up a quick proof-of-concept CodeIgniter prototype on a fresh DigitalOcean droplet and noticed quite a lot of activity in my log files. It seemed like someone (or some bot) was scanning my app for potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors! Yikes! The Log File Here’s a sample from the log file, with… Read more