About Me

Hello, world!

My name is Steven Senkus, welcome to my blog and portfolio website! I am a San Diego software developer interested in all facets of technology.  All articles, blog posts, and opinion pieces are my own.


I’ve been on the web since GeoCities was a thing, and I’ve been messing around with technology for as long as I can remember.  I was first introduced to programming while in middle school, so I started out writing BASIC & C programs for fun.  After a stint in the U.S. Army, I rekindled my interest in software development and programming and developed a career.

These days, I get excited about JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular 2+, Node.js, Python.
HTML5 & CSS3 are always part of the skillset. Learning new tech inspires me.  I am still surprised that I get paid to do what I love.  I cut my teeth on HTML email newsletters, terrible PHP eCommerce platforms, flashy JavaScript animations.

My favorite language is JavaScript because of the expressiveness of the language, its ubiquity, and


Outside of software development, I love electronic circuits, digital marketing, and pretty much any project I find interesting enough to take on.  Cryptocurrencies and drones are some of my newer, more exciting hobbies.


I believe that anyone


I believe that


I spent close to nine years honing my craft (and love of craft beer) in the Silicon Forest up in Portland, OR.  Nowadays, you can find me enjoying the West Coast lifestyle in sunny, sunny 🌞 San Diego, CA. Hiking, running around Normal Heights, weightlifting

I am learning to speak Spanish and I occasionally try to wrap my brain around the German language.

Send me a message or shoot me an email, I love to talk tech!